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Dear Colleagues,

Following many discussions and careful considerations, taking into account external circumstances related to the Covid-19 pandemic, the EADMFR Board and the Local Organising Committee of the 18th European Congress of Dentomaxillofacial Radiology decided that the 2022 Congress will be held as virtual.

Although at this moment the pandemic situation in Europe seems to be getting better, the future is unknown. It might be bright but at the same time following information from experts we are not to expect the pandemic to disappear within one year. On the contrary, the humanity will keep on facing new variants of coronavirus resulting in subsequent waves of pandemic which may be less intense than previously but still lead to unpredictable local or nationwide lockdowns.

It is crucial for EADMR to organise the Congress in such a way that it is by no means compromised by the pandemic situation and throughout the last year online events proved to be the safest solution in these unstable times. Apart from unknown possibility of lockdowns we must think also of our members. Some of them may not be able to travel in one-year time due to other reasons such as contraindications to vaccination, co-morbidities following Covid-19 or higher costs of travelling. Also, even though we are an European-based Academy, we always count on members from other continents, and a virtual congress also fits best to accommodate people from all parts of the world.

Once knowing the formula of the Congress, the LOC started working on the program which will be available on the ECDMFR website.

On behalf of the LOC,

Ingrid Różyło-Kalinowska