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SGDMFR Annual Meeting
The Virtual Patient:  The crucial role of IMAGING in the digital workflow

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Program at a Glance
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Confirmed Keynote-Speakers

  • Prof. Dr. Frank Zimmermann
  • Prof. Dr. Kaan Orhan
  • Phil Salmon, PhD
  • Prof. Dr. Katja Nelson
  • Dmitry Tuzoff, PhD

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Meet our keynote Speakers

Intraoral MRI
Prof. Dr. Katja Nelson

The T in TMJ: image modalies and basic diagnostic needs
Prof. Dr. Kaan Orhan

The future of jaw bone quality assessment:  HU or fractal analysis?
PhD Phil Salmon

Computer Aided Diagnostics
PhD Dmitry Tuzoff

Effects of HIGH-DOS in children
Prof. Dr. Frank Zimmermann