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Q & A

What Is the Local Language in Israel?
In Israel the official language is Hebrew / Arabic
But You may find that most of the Israeli know English, especially Service providers

What is the weather like?
Israel Weather Forecast – Click here

What is the Time Zone?
UTC/GMT +2 hours (Central European Time)
For more information  –   Click here

What id the Currency?
The local currency in Israel is the Nis (or shekel). Its symbol is ₪.
And the exchange rate is approximately 1 EUR = 4 shekels / Nis. For accurate Exchange rates – Click here
Most places and ATM’s accept major credit cards, such as Master Card, Visa, Diners, and American Express

Is there a Visa Information I need to know?
Click here

What about the Liability and Insurance?
The Conference organizers cannot accept liability for personal accidents or loss of or damage to private property of Conference participants (or their accompanying persons), either during or as a result of the Conference
Delegates and their accompanying guests are strongly advised to purchase adequate travel and health insurance for the duration of their stay

Where is the international Airport ?
Ben Gurion International Airport is the main international gateway to and from Israel. It is situated approximately 55km from Jerusalem (about 1-hour drive depends on traffic).
Transportation to / from the airport:
Shuttle bus which costs 4€ and takes approximately 1 hour to reach downtown Jerusalem
Departs from Ben Gurion Airport, Terminal 3, 2nd floor, gate 23. Arrives at: Central Bus Station in Jerusalem

From Jerusalem:
Departs from: 220 Jaffa Street – the corner of Moriya and Jaffa Streets, close to the Central Bus Station
Arrives at: Ben Gurion Terminal 3
Taxi Based on the official regulated fixed fare prices, the ride should cost no more than 70€, while the total journey takes around 50 minutes under normal traffic conditions

How Much to Tip in Israel ?
Tipping is not necessary for cab drivers, at restaurants, check the bill to see if “service included” (it often is). If not, 10 – 15% is a good bet
It is accepted practice to tip hotel staff, your tour guide and tour bus driver

Electricity in Israel – What plugs are used in Israel?
The electric current used in Israel is 220 volts AC (50 cycles) for an electronic product at any other voltage, you must use a proper transformer to convert the current

Who are the Local Israeli Partner ?
Ofakim Travel and Congresses
Tel: +972-3-761-08-19
EMail: ornai@ofakim.co.il
Please go to our link in order to book hotel accommodation and tours during your visit in Israel. Do not hesitate to contact us for any question or Inquiry